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Interactive Kiosk

The interactive advertising and informational system in hotel “Dunav”, Vidin offers modern and easy access for our customers and visitors to our internet and any relevant information they need.



Hotel “Dunav” offers to its guest the LAN access to the Internet in order to answer all requirements, even to its most exigent guests. The transmitting medium, used for reaching of the information to each subscriber is called LAN network It represents a connection of the subscribers by high-speed cables to the main base roads. That permits transference of data, exchange of files and numerous other applications as for example audio and video links.

Free Wi-Fi access

Wi-Fi is an over-all standard and in contrast to the mobile telephony, a Wi-Fi device will work in all areas of the world; WPA and WPA 2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) a system for protection that guarantees adequate connection security (as long as it is supported). Wi-Fi is one more option for an Internet access, intended for use with mobile devices as laptops, smart phones, etc.